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Professional video calibration is a highly effective way to upgrade the performance of your video system and THX Certified Video System Calibration is the most in-depth and comprehensive calibration available. This benchmark standard is designed to ensure that your display is calibrated to mirror the studio environment where film and video games were originally created and so give you the full visual experience intended by the director.

Simplify My Home are able to provide THX Certified Video Calibration services using our own in-house Level II certified technician. This qualification requires an in-depth understanding of video calibration using a variety of video testing and calibration instruments, as well as knowledge of consumer projector and flat panel display operation, performance, and maintenance.

The benefits of THX video calibration include:
A sharper, more focused display
Maximised contrast ratio to give full detail for both the brightest and darkest scenes
Improved colour accuracy and image resolution
Screen calibration to your chosen video system and viewing environment
Minimise picture artefacts (distortions)
Reduced viewing fatigue
Reduced power consumption for energy efficiency and extended screen life

Our video calibration equipment includes:

  • Quantum Data 780 Signal Generator & HDMI Cable Tester
  • X-Rite Eye-One Pro Spectrophotometer
  • THX Calibration Software

For the ultimate video experience, contact Simplify My Home today and ask about THX Video Calibration