ElectraSonic & LEAX Lighting System Replacements

The Rubens at The Palace SW1W 0PS

In 2017 The Rubens at the Palace Hotel & Restaurants was refurbished. Changing the lighting from Halogen to LED was an essential part if this refurbishment; not only to reduce energy consumption but also routine maintenance costs due to the long lamp life of LEDs.
The Rubens Hotel had several obsolete lighting systems from ElectroSonic and LEAX. These were removed and replaced with Rako controls with both wired and wireless lighting solutions

Rewiring was not an option as the majority of the refurbishment had been completed by the time Simplify my Home became involved. However, the flexibility of the Rako system enabled the installation to be completed using the existing cabling.

Simplify my Home designed, supplied, installed, programmed and maintained the Rako Lighting solutions throughout The Rubens at the Palace. Working with the executives and general managers in each area, the system was programmed to provide optimum lighting conditions for timed events such as breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or night time. With a simple press of a button, the hotel staff can set the lighting to the exact levels preferred by the owners.

The Rubens Hotel has Rako Solutions in the following areas:

  • Main Concierge
  • 41 Concierge
  • The Rubens Room
  • Rembrandt Room
  • The Main Bar
  • The Main Restaurant
  • Executive Lounge
  • Executive Boardroom
  • Palace Lounge
  • Van Gough Room

Lancaster House

In 2006, Simplify my Home were honoured to win a contract from Lancaster House to design a lighting solution that would allow the replacement of an obsolete system from ElectroSonic. As the building is owned by The Queen and is Grade 1 Listed, there were a number of important restrictions and special requirements that had to be taken into account when planning the new system:

  • Use of existing wiring was vital – under no circumstances could new cabling be installed
  • The ability to switch between LED and halogen bulbs due to mixed usage
    • LED for everyday use
    • Halogen for Filming
  • Ensure that the Grand Chandeliers (consisting of approximately 50 bulbs each) would not exceed loads
  • Provide future expandability to other areas currently on conventional wiring
  • Give security full access to every lighting circuit via computer and handheld remote

The first phase was completed with the successful replacement of the existing ElectroSonic lighting system and combining of the conventionally wired floor lights. Since this time, Simplify my Home have been contracted to replace all the existing lighting controls for the entire basement, ground and first floor rooms.

Fortunately, when the basement was modernised we were able to run new cables due the basement having false ceilings. The design for the basement required all the lights to be automatic; with different light settings depending on the time of day. On weekdays between 6am and 8pm the lights turn on to 65% upon motion and down to 3% upon no motion. This is so that staff are never presented with a completely black room. At all other times the lights turn on to motion at 40% and down to 0% upon no motion.

Foreign & Commonwealth Building

After successfully working at Lancaster House, Simplify my Home were contracted to replace and maintain all the lighting systems at The Foreign & Commonwealth Building, along with designing and supplying lighting systems for new areas with conventional wiring that were being refurbished. We have completed the replacement of various obsolete lighting systems from ElectoSonic & LEAX in the following locations.

  • Cafeteria & Kitchen
  • Historian’s Library
  • Language & Learning Centre
  • Nursery & Creche
  • Main Courtyard
  • Media Room
  • Various other area of Importance

As well as replacing obsolete systems, Simplify my Home have also been contracted to modernize the following areas undergoing refurbishment:

Nursery & crèche. Automatic lighting was installed throughout with manual override of levels for sleep time. Once manual override has been used, the PIRs are disabled in key areas so not to disturb sleep time.

Emergency Broadcast & Media Room. This area is of key importance and the existing system had a key issue. Every time a ballast failed, a lighting programmer was required to add the new ballast to the system. With the new system we designed, if one or multiple ballast fail, the onsite maintenance crew can replace them without the need to reprogram. This ensures that lights can be repaired or replaced quickly so that the room is ready for use in minutes rather than days.

Learning & Language Centre

Main Courtyard This area consists of 120 floodlights, each with four individual colours and an array of lenses to provide an enormous amount of flexibility. Each floodlight can be independently controlled in terms of brightness and can produce a choice of 256,000 different colours.

This is integrated into a Crestron system that allows the user to select a particular light via an iPad and to set the levels of each colour and then apply those settings to other lights if required. This provides a truly simple-to-use system.

The new system has pre-programmed colours for easy selection of regularly used scenes:

Parkside exterior lighting – Each night, a Rako system illuminates the exterior of the FCO building using a mixture of red, green, blue and amber to provide a truly unique colour to complement and highlight the beautiful architecture and stonework. Using DMX and special RGBA luminaries with various lenses, the FCO building will change colour for special events, visits and national public awareness days.

Working with you during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are delighted to say that Simplify my Home have returned to full-time working operations.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and staff. Therefore, in line with Government guidelines, strict social distancing and hygiene procedures have been put into place. All vans and equipment have been deep cleaned and our team supplied with the appropriate PPE and sanitising products for use on hands and any surfaces or devices they touch in your home or premises.

Unfortunately, the need to follow these strict procedures, plus delays in component manufacturing caused by the pandemic, will cause delays to projects and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause our customers.

We would like to assure you that we are doing our utmost to maintain our highest standards of service and appreciate your understanding and patience during this difficult and unprecedented time.

Keep safe

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