Rako Controls

Rako Lighting Controls are a UK-based lighting and shading control manufacturer. Rako have developed a range of innovative products and solutions that provide the ultimate in flexibility, control and energy efficiency.

Rako offers an array of products and solutions including wireless control for ease of installation and retro-fit applications to more complex solutions from a wired solution. The ability to offer wireless, wired or combined options means that Rako can provide the best possible approach for any project.

  • Wireless solutions – are perfect for projects where a rewire is not possible such as listed buildings, refurbishments, or to replace discontinued Electrosonic, LEAX or LUX lighting systems.
  • Wired Solutions – are perfect for new builds and rewire projects as wired systems offer advanced programming at keypad level, whilst also guaranteeing the communication between keypads and dimmers no matter how large the property.

The advantages of using a Rako lighting system over others on the market include:

  • Direct Communication from Keypad to Dimmer – Unlike most lighting control systems, Rako does not rely on a central processor for the system to operate. Therefore, if the central processor fails lighting control is maintained.
  • UK Compatible Faceplates – Rako’s Keypad finishes come in either Crabtree Platinum or FocusSB Morpheus. Alternatively, Rako can ‘punch’ a client’s own single gang blank plate to fit a Rako Keypad to ensure that plug sockets and light switches match any specified design.
  • Fixed repair fee – In the unfortunate event that a Rako product fails outside of the warranty period (2 years standard, 3 Years for all Simplify My Home installations) then Rako offer a £35 fixed fee to repair/replace any failed product.
  • Direct LED Strip Dimming – Rako have developed LED Strip Dimmer/Drivers which dim LED strips down to 1%. This saves on hardware as only a power supply and a Rako Dimmer/Driver is required. Other brands require 0-10v controller, a power supply, 0-10v dimmer or, in the case of RGB, a DMX controller, power supply, DMX driver all of which can increase cost and complexity.

Simplify My Home have designed, installed and commissioned Rako Wired and Wireless solutions throughout the UK and Europe; including several listed landmarks such as 10 Trinity Square, Rubens Hotel, the Foreign & Commonwealth Building and ‘Buckingham Palace’ as used by film studios in recording of The Crown, The King’s speech, National Treasure and many more.

Whether you have an existing lighting control system which is faulty, a standard house that you want to modernise, or a complete new build, Simplify My Home can provide the expertise to ensure your project is delivered.

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