Managed WiFi Systems

Business Class Managed WiFi Systems

With the latest standards of Wi-Fi getting faster, the Wi-Fi coverage broadcasted from a single device such as a Router or Access Point is decreasing, this is because to achieve faster speeds we need to increase the Frequency, but increasing the frequency reduces the distance the signal travels and therefore reduces the WiFi Coverage.

An over exaggerated example of how WiFi Range reduces as our demand for speed increases.

The solution is to install multiple Access Points providing additional areas of Wi-Fi coverage, extending the coverage throughout your property, the best solution for Multiple Access Points is a managed wireless system, which allows us to create a single WiFi Name (SSID) and as you roam your property, the system monitors your signal strength with all Access points and automatically switches you to the best Access Point for your location, ensuring the best possible connection to your network, the internet & emails.

Image of a Property with Multiple Access Points

With a Managed WiFi System multiple Wi-Fi Names (SSIDs) can also be broadcasted restricting access to your network/ internet or could be shutdown during certain times, this is ideal for:

  • Parents who want to give their children internet access during certain times, knowing that when its bed, dinner or reading time the Wi-Fi they connect to disappears automatically.
  • Families who want to give out Wi-Fi Passwords to visitors, staff or tradespeople that need internet access but not access to your home devices. A Guest Wi-Fi can be provided alongside your private, secure Wi-Fi, which provide Guests with internet access but blocks access to all devices in your home, we recommend this when you have devices such as:
    • CCTV systems – Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, Honeywell, Lilin, Mobotix, Nest, Ring etc
    • Automation control systemsAMX, Control4, Crestron, Luxone, RTI Savant etc
    • Audio Visual distribution systems ­– AppleTV, Chromecast, Linn, Lode Audio, Sonos, Televisions etc
    • Heating systems – Coolmaster, Crestron, Heatmiser, Honeywell, Nest etc
    • Lighting & Shading systems – Control4, Crestron , Lutron, Mode, Philips Hue, Rako, etc
    • Private information – Personal Computers, Laptops, NAS Drives and Servers
    • Security Systems – Texecom Premier, Ring etc
  • Residences or offices that have private and confidential information on their networks, who require several layers of security to restrict access to certain information based on access privileges within an organisation. We can provide multiple Wi-Fi names (SSIDs) alongside your private and secure Master Wi-Fi giving you access to everything on the network, whilst others are connected to different Wi-Fi names based on their role/importance such as:
    • Regular staff for who need access to the internet, emails, messages and access to restricted information on the network to enable them to perform their job.
    • Management Staff for who need access to everything their regular staff has and access to more sensitive information to enable them to do their job
    • Security personnel who need access to the CCTV cameras and intercom systems but not the information on the network or the devices connected to the network.
    • Executives & CEOs who need access to all the information on the network as well as accessing the security system or other locations
    • Cleaning staff and regular visitors can have access to the internet and emails only. All other information and devices are blocked.
    • Guests, visitors and trades people can be given a onetime code that provides timed access to the internet and emails only. All other information and devices are blocked.

Regular Questions

Can I install multiple non-managed WiFi Access Points throughout my property?

  • Yes – However your phone or device is designed to connect to the first known Wi-Fi point it sees – regardless of its strength. For example, you could be connected to the Wi-Fi in the Master Bedroom even though you are in the kitchen, thus reducing your connection speed. Your device will only scan for a new Wi-Fi connection once it has completely lost Wi-Fi signal.
    • By installing multiple Managed Wi-Fi Access Points, your phone or device can search and connect to the weakest Access point it sees, once connected the managed system determines the best Access Point available and disconnects and reconnects you to instantly to provide the best connectivity to your network, the internet and emails. It will continue to do this whilst you are within the Managed Wi-Fi coverage Area.

What cabling is required?

  • The best cabling for any type of Access Point (managed or unmanaged) is a single 4 twisted pair category cable such as CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 or even Fibre. The best thing about a network is you can have one CAT5e Cable running throughout the length of a building and you could cut and insert networking equipment anywhere along it. (Additional equipment and power maybe required for this example)
    • Although if you don’t have any data cables in your property, we at Simplify My Home can do a site survey to determine if we can run these cables out of sight or with minimal or no damage. If we can’t run cables to your satisfaction we have other reliable solutions.

I have no Cables / or we can’t allow any new cables to be installed?

  • This is not an issue. We can use technology that allows us to send data over your power cables at high speeds to support attaching the Wireless Access Points. This can give varied results at each location, depending on the wiring of your sockets and what equipment is connected, and is never as good as data cables. Once installed, it is reliable and will be consistent to support a good wireless network. If this solution does not deliver the desired speed or connection we can also use the Access Points to wirelessly connect to one another. However, the speed can half with each wireless hop your make, so if you have 200mb connection, you could only have 50mb best speed with just two Access points installed.
    • A Simplify my Home site survey can determine the best course of action, whether it be the use of existing wiring, run new cables, use of Ethernet over Power Adaptors, wireless Access Points “Meshing” or even a combination of all four. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible Wi-Fi coverage for your property

What Brands do you support?

Simplify my Home are not contracted to any exclusive Brand, so we can maintain any existing brand of hardware. However, as a Company we have chosen to focus and specialise on four key brands. We feel this benefits our customers by providing the best performance and functionality to our systems. The Brands we actively support (but not limited to) are:

Aruba Networks, Domotz, Draytek, Netgear & Ruckus

Working with you during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are delighted to say that Simplify my Home have returned to full-time working operations.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and staff. Therefore, in line with Government guidelines, strict social distancing and hygiene procedures have been put into place. All vans and equipment have been deep cleaned and our team supplied with the appropriate PPE and sanitising products for use on hands and any surfaces or devices they touch in your home or premises.

Unfortunately, the need to follow these strict procedures, plus delays in component manufacturing caused by the pandemic, will cause delays to projects and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause our customers.

We would like to assure you that we are doing our utmost to maintain our highest standards of service and appreciate your understanding and patience during this difficult and unprecedented time.

Keep safe

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