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Crestron Home

Experience for yourself what OS 3 brings to the Crestron Home.

Custom. Personalized from room pages right down to the screen saver with any desired image. Commands to create new scenes are easy and intuitive.

Seamless. Easily manage one or multiple homes-remotely or on premises.

Responsive. Access a world of accessible information and smooth animation with easy to navigate, responsive icons.

Intuitive. Organize favorites, travel between rooms, and personalize each destination with the images of their choice.

Accessible. Immediately activate any level of control as needed-quickly and simply.

Dynamic. Set a preferred temperature and see the transition occur. From home screen to climate control, commands are displayed dynamically. Proving that no matter how stylish the interface, form always follows function.

Connected. Enjoy what matters such a rich multi-media experience featuring their preferred platforms that’s easy to access and control.

Take command of the day

Every day begins with “good morning” and ends with “good night”. With tap of a button or the sound of your voice shades activate, temperature and lights adjust to pre-set preferences. Your music fills the room. The weather, your favorite show, or the news is just a touch away by remote, phone or touch screen. Your Crestron Home takes care of the details, so you can greet or end the day as you prefer. Leave knowing cameras are set, rooms are adjusted, doors are locked. When you return, your Crestron Home awaits, ready to instantly respond to your every command.