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Our Certifications

Our Staff CEDIA Certifications

ESC-N (Networking Specialist)
This certification requires an advanced understanding of networking principles and standards. ESC-N Certified individuals have mastered the art of designing, installing, and configuring complex home networks – think of them as certified “residential IT” experts.

ESC-T (Technician)
The exam for this certification covers the technical foundation of the residential systems industry. Individuals with this certification are well versed in a variety of subjects including installation techniques, calibration, troubleshooting, and integrated control systems.

CEDIA Structured Cabling Assessor
CEDIA certified members are exclusively invited to participate in the Structured Cabling Assessor scheme. Our in-house assessor can assess properties against the Recommended Wiring Guidelines in order to issue a property with a Smart Home Cabling (SHC) Certificate.

CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI)
COIs are CEDIA members who have attended and passed the “Train the Trainer” course with a peer-evaluated presentation session. This program enables members to provide continuing education to their local design and build industry partners, helping establish vital business-to-business networking contacts and raising the awareness of CEDIA, its members, and the home technology industry.

Our Staff Control4 Certifications

Control4 Tech I Certification
This is the fundamental course required to become a Control4 dealer/installer. During a comprehensive 5 day programme, candidates are provided with hands-on product and programming training. Successful candidates must demonstrate the ability and understanding to build and programme Control4 Entertainment, Lighting and Climate components.

Control4 Tech II Certification
This certification is for experienced Control4 Tech 1 Installers who have successfully completed several Control4 Projects and wish to develop their understanding of the capabilities and power of Control4. Tech II installers are expected to understand and demonstrate advanced programming knowledge.

Our Staff THX Certifications

THX Certified Professional Home Theatre Level 1
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THX Certified Professional Home Theatre Level 2
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THX Certified Professional Video Calibration Level 1
Level 1 is a one-day introductory course designed for those looking to join the ranks of professional calibrators. The course also serves as a prerequisite for THX Video Calibration 2, which is required before you are able to offer your clients THX Certified Video Calibrations.

THX Certified Professional Video Calibration Level 2
Level 2 is the industry’s most hands-on training available for video calibration professionals. With two full days of hands-on laboratory instruction, candidates will gain an in-depth understanding of video calibration techniques using a variety of video testing and calibration instruments. This course is geared to advanced students who have already completed THX Video Calibration 1 or an equivalent calibration course recognized by THX.